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Universal Maps Downloader 9.945 With Keygen




Mobler Maps is a public-domain map overlays app that overlays Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and Bing Maps so that you can interact with information on the map as well as share the map. Do you want to have a look on some awesome themes and be inspired?Q: How do i refresh iframe in jquery? I have an iframe inside a jquery modal box. But, I am not able to refresh the iframe in jquery. Following is my code. Javascript: $('#modal').modal({backdrop: false, show: false}) .on('click', 'a.close', function (e) { $('#modal').modal('hide'); }); $('#modal').on('click', '', function (e) { $('#modal').modal('show'); $('#modal').html(''); $('#modal').load(page.href); Javascript + HTML in the modal box: In the javascript, I want to put some values on the iframe and I use setTimeout to reload the page after some time. I am getting the following error: ReferenceError: setTimeout is not defined setTimeout(function() { location.reload(); }, 5000); A: With the help of @KirkLux I have found a way to do it. $('#modal').on('click', '', function (e) {




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Universal Maps Downloader 9.945 With Keygen

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